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NEW! Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness (MEDIANE)

The International/European Federation of Journalists is cooperating with the Council of Europe in a programme in promoting diversity and inclusiveness in the media. [..]



Sans merci

September 16, 2014


Visualizing the Ebola outbreak

September 16, 2014



MEDIANE - Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness

January 10, 2014 - January 10, 2014

Some communities and persons remain invisible in the news and when they are uncluded they are confronted with preconceived roles and consigned to limited areas of representation. [..]


Journalism Ethics and Practices, Thessaloniki

October 04, 2013 - October 06, 2013

Around 45 media professionals will gather in Thessaloniki on 4 – 6 October to discuss ways to improve diversity and ethics in the media. [..]


Conference on “Asylum and Migration Tensions and Challenges”

February 25, 2013 - February 25, 2013

A conference on "Asylum and Migration Tensions and Challenges" in Europe and Greece is organised on 7-8 March 2013 in Thessaloniki, Greece, by the Goethe Institute Thessaloniki, the Heinrich Böll [..]


Recent activities: Media Work Exchange - Apply Now! Media Cross-production for inclusive media coverage Journalism & Media Training & Literacy, 11- 14 October, Brussels [..]

RECENT ACTIVITIES NEW! MEDIANE ( Media in Europe for Diversity Inclusiveness ) Participate in a European exchange with fellow journalists or unionists! More here European Conference, [..]